The Wohlman Method

A specialised healing art of Transformational Body Therapy.

The Wohlman Method for the Whole Person integrates stretching muscles with corresponding affirmations spoken, whispered and sung in rhyme ~ to catalyse optimal physical, emotional, and creative release.

Why & How does it work?

“In these TRANSFORMATIONAL BODY THERAPY sessions, I stretch the muscles while speaking in affirmations in rhyme, sounding much like the celebrated children’s poet Dr Seuss, to whimsically transport people on a journey to re-set self-talk and swiftly transform their relationships to their bodies, partners, communication, creativity and contribution to humanity” ~ Dr Gary, Creator of the ‘Wohlman Method for the Whole Person’

Many people who experience this work let go of physical, emotional and mental patterns that have been holding them back for years ~ so they move forward with ease in their most passionate life direction with renewed energy, clarity and a re-awakened sense of purpose.

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Group trainings and one-on-one sessions are both available.

With enough interest, Dr Gary is happy to travel to your location and offer a hands-on training and individual sessions.