An enduring gift, you’ll enjoy re-visiting your NATAL READING throughout your life — as key challenges, life themes and lessons are clarified, and creative gifts and unique strengths revealed.

You’ll find fresh perspectives on situations and problems you haven’t been able to solve until now.

If you’re in a close relationship and want to find ways to improve the quality of your connection and communication, a “SYNASTRY” reading is recommended.

Also available are one year PREDICTIVE FORECASTS that pinpoint dates describing key influences. You’ll know when to act with current challenges and opportunities, make clearer decisions and have a deeper understanding of passing themes that affect your daily behaviour – enhancing your ability to be successful, fulfilled and in alignment with your most passionate purpose.

To order, please fill in the form here below with your details for each person you’re interested in having a reading for – and you’ll receive the reading to the specified email address. The normal investment is $50 for each separate reading. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please let me know what’s affordable, and I’m happy to be flexible with the pricing to accommodate your unique situation.