Court Jester – Awakening Creativity Sessions


Dr. Gary launched his creative journey in his 20’s as a professional court jester and travelling the world utilising improvisational storytelling to weave LIVING LEGENDS in Hawaii in “Artist in the Schools” programs. In the character he created of “Sharaad La Charade”, he was sent to the Soviet Union as the official court jester of Mill Valley, California on a peace-making mission during the height of the revolutionary Perestroika movement. He has led retreats as a founding member of the Gaia-Oasis Centre for Vision, Meditation & Creativity in Bali. His five decades of experience freeing inhibitions in himself and others has provided fresh inspiration for more serious folks to let go of patterns of holding back and cut loose to a more free-spirited, fully expressed nature.

To view a video describing in his own words how Dr Gary first became a catalyst for moving people through the unknown to “full~fuel” their most passionate purpose here in this life journey, and awaken to the POWER OF YES, visit:

These sessions are available in a variety of Live and online formats:

  1. *As a live session, either as a class, workshop, or private party: To view Dr Gary at his best, here’s a sample of a recent performance at a friend’s gala 50th birthday party celebration:
  2. *Live Zoom, Skype or video session on the platform of your choice
  3. *Online recorded versions of performance art, sent to you in video, audio and print formats: contact Dr Gary to request samples…

Who is this for? Anyone ready to bring more JOY & FUN to their life.

What is it? An opportunity to liberate and awaken JOYful Celebration & FULL Self-Expression through the body, our chief instrument of communication.

How? Through:

  • Singing and dancing
  • Movement and mime
  • Drawing and painting
  • Writing and performing
  • Video feedback (optional)

Be prepared to have more fun than you’ve had in years! You are likely to discover latent abilities you never knew you had, and re-awaken those you’ve always wanted to bring out into the world…

FEEDBACK: Participants are freeing themselves of self-doubt and limitations, enhancing their creativity and discovering fresh ways to empower their personal and professional lives.

Some comments: “I don’t take my anti-depressants anymore.” “I’m no longer afraid to express myself artistically.” “It has enhanced my creativity.” “I feel freer and more able to have fun.”