“I just had a session, and it blew me away. And out of a skin I long wanted to shed. Gary‘s alias is Merlin. Go figure! His work is pure magic. It basically is bodywork combined with affirmations that speak to the physical, energetic & spirit body. I was mesmerised by how precise his channelled poetry spoke to my being. I feel like an actualised version of myself”
Pascal Delacuze, DJ extraordinaire, Ecstatic dance teacher

“Gary has designed a simply wonderful healing experience that is second to none. He brings together a myriad of modalities and leaves you feeling open, grateful and ready to tackle life’s adventures. I cannot recommend him highly enough”
Debbie Zita, Author Ignite Your Joy

“If you want some of the highest and some of the best body work around, see Gary. He will take you to the next step in your evolution.”
Sondra Ray (Founder & Creator, Loving Relationships Training ~ brought rebirthing into the world)

“I am called to do a ‘shout out’ an acknowledgement of a healer, a medicine man who helped in bringing my body to its highest potential. Gary Wohlman is famously known for his transformational work in public speaking and he first approached me to help me with presenting my message to the world. One day he mentioned to me in a passing conversation that he also does “Body and Movement” work and something clicked. When he described his process and technique I was certain that this is the medicine that was for me. In a span of approximately 8 sessions I found that I wasn’t just healing, I was transforming and my body was rising to its next level, from a ‘Human Doing’ to a ‘Human Being’ into its divine, graceful and peaceful state. Just as I was once created. Thank you Gary for sharing with me your remarkable gift, your medicine. You are a beautiful soul, a true healer, and are doing exactly what you were sent here to do”
Deepthi Amin, founder of Divya Amin clothing

“In my work and practice as a medical doctor, I believe in wholistic health and in the mind, body and spirit connection. In our work together over the last year, I initially couldn’t communicate who I wanted to be. Nor could I express my own individual needs and my position of who I was. I just knew I wanted to be something different. Throughout this journey, you have helped me, with your stretching my muscles and simultaneously articulating wisdoms, gain greater fluidity and openness of my mind and body. I’m now more easily able to access and fully express my thoughts, feelings and emotions. In my medical practice, and elsewhere, I now communicate and engage more with my patents. Rather than the old sense of superiority and authority, of which we are taught as doctors, I now have a deeper engagement, understanding and connection both with myself and others in all my interactions. I am able to action my most passionate intent. In understanding more of my own needs and purpose, I’ve also noticed that when I read books these days, I am able to see and appreciate new information more easily and have better retention of the content.
In deepest appreciation” ~ Hilton MBBS, FACNEM

“I have to say I really made a breakthrough the start of this year. My finances got to a point it was so bad and where everything was coming to the surface and I had to face it and deal with it immediately.The name Gary Wohlman kept coming up, so somehow I knew to get in contact and wasn’t even sure 100% what he did but I knew he was a presentation coach. Anyway, I explained to Gary I needed to deal with these issues and so he took me through his deep tissue transformational body psychotherapy. He opened my chest up to breathe deeper and opened the receiving channels ~ allowing opportunities, dreams and much more to come my way. Oh and boy, have they come my way! I now have an awesome casual job that pays great and if I don’t want to work a day I can just say not available. I’m starting an apprenticeship at am indigenous restaurant that is also supportive in my long-term goals and are super helpful with the best in house hospitality training. There have been other big opportunities I can’t mention. I am more confident in taking risks financially and I even have some money to invest more, both in myself and financially. I am now married to a beautiful supportive and intelligent woman and things are only going to get better. I highly rate Gary Wohlman’s work and it is very important work that he does as it has given me self-worth and the ability to better stand on my two feet”
Brett Gornall, Melbourne

“I’ve gone from crisis to happiness in 24 hrs. I feel so much better. Aligned and stronger. My spirit has returned – and my sense of self, both strong and light together. Feeling blessed. Uncanny is the spirit of the universe that my legal case for some reason has no longer got a grip on me and my lawyer rang today with resolution! So grateful. I’d love to see you next week”

“I called on your image and voice many times since our session in Singapore to stay in that new free state I discovered with your support. It really made a difference for me and people around. Sadness replaced by freedom. That evening I went to a 5Rhythms class, and I danced with joy and openness like never before”
Elena Podrezo, Ukraine

“Gary! This morning I have most definitely been feeling intense energy cleansing in my body. I am certain it’s the kundalini. So many strong energetic connections between my chakras. I just woke up and the intensity begun. It’s been amazing. Feeling like my energy is just reorganizing itself! Your healing sessions have played a vital part in this process. I am sure there is a lot more to go, but this has definitely been a milestone on my inner journey. Thank you!… [And months later, she writes…] Gary is a miracle worker. His healing sessions are wonderful. When we first met, I was going through the most challenging period I had ever faced in my life, and I really credit a lot of the healing to my time spent with Gary. I felt so well looked after and cared for, and the weekly sessions with him really kept me sane. It’s hard to describe exactly how the sessions affected me, yet what I can say is that the unique method he’s created really seems to bring the fragmented parts of oneself together. Even now months later, I feel the remnants of those sessions still reverberating with me. Gary really is there to help people on their healing journeys, and I highly recommend his work. Thanks, Gary!”
Nicole, Yoga Instructor, Teacher

“Today I had the privilege of having a healing session from the very humble Gary Wohlman. He has given me the tools to better myself and others around me through his unique method of deep tissue body therapy. While stretching my muscles, he integrated affirmations and guided visualisations that allowed me to have realisations and to give me the clarity that I needed. If everyone were unaware, I have been an asthmatic for my whole life and have struggled with healing myself. Gary has given me the guidance to deal with my asthma and to not let it control me. I couldn’t recommend his work highly enough, and I would love people to look him up and discover him for themselves.”
Lisa, hair stylist

“A deep wave of gratitude. Of pleasure. Of joy flowing. A big Yes from my body. A resounding YES from Universe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For all that had came. All that come. All that will come. I thank you. I move you. I release you. Had a private session with Gary Wohlman yesterday, and through him, my body spoke clearer. ~ The expansiveness of my inner being. MY Being. ~ The forgotten gates of my heart that opened, making me realize I was not able to receive love from others. Bringing up deeper grief from within. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. ~ Parts of my body that feel burdened, feel unsupported, feels hurt, come up for lovingly attention. This journey is never-ending, we spiral deeper into our being, unearthing and releasing stuff, so we come to meet who we truly are. I AM Touching base, I was brought Home to my-Self, through this therapy session of depth-work of releasing, reclaiming, rejoicing. This Heart opens up, breathes with such relief and deep sigh of “Yes, Thank you. Yes, this is Home”
Wan Ting, Embodiment Practitioner

“Thank you, Dr Gary, for your dedication and deliverance of such Joyful work. I honour my lovingness, held from within, feeling it as it moves through my body where it felt disconnected before. Honouring, allowing, receiving, thanking. Thank you, thank you, thank you” [Two weeks later, she writes: ”With regards to the transformational work, I feel the difference and changes each day ever since. Heart is more open, breathing deeper and sensing more groundedness and certainty amidst all the uncertainties – I am-ness. Stuff has been showing up to be faced – fears, anxieties, sadness, etc: Who am I, Why I’m here, the pain, the longing. Yet there’s a new sense of being held from within. Old fears much less intense in nature, replace by curiosity and a feeling of ‘I long for ME’. Thank you for showing and sharing so much joy in the work that you do.”
Sue Re-Ha, holistic practitioner

Hi Gary,
Thanks again for the amazing session today. The most subtle shift I noticed was my posture. I spent many years as a kid being told to put my shoulders back. After our session today, I realised how stifling that had been for me – and dampened my energy and enthusiasm. In shifting the focus today to expanding and pushing out the top part of my chest so that it was stretching and allowing it to breath fuller and be more flexible – I was having the same effect of my shoulders going back and my neck elongating, but with such a positive and expansive feel as opposed to an oppressive one. Thank you for helping me move into the expanse of life more fully. Blessings”
Michele Gennoe, Mindfulness Coach

“Dear Gary, thanks for your significant assistance in my recent journey. Your physical skills and emotional intuition as a therapist are exceptional, and have helped me reach and process past griefs and traumas stored very deeply indeed. My heartfelt thanks” ~ Siobhan, health practitioner/therapist “Thank you so much Gary! I pledge today to follow my greatest Vision, the path of my greatest expansive Potential, the drive that comes from who I truly am and what I am driven to become. I face my fears head on, in surrender, with willingness, even eagerness to be obliterated. Not in directions others chose for me, but in directions I choose myself now. My hesitation is released. My tears open the channels of joy…Yesterday, almost exactly 24 hours after our session, I experienced this amazing joy and opening sensation through my whole body while I was driving. Amazing! I’m yet to see if my interactions with women I’m attracted to is any different. I expect it will be. I look forward to our next session! In gratitude,” ~ A.D. “Thank you so much for the transformation yesterday. Within such a short time, and the experience you gave me, I have walked away with more truth to my soul. Being able to let go of what binds us over the years, to ‘return it to the source’, has immense power. Feeling a connection even more to my spine, mind and feet, I am grounded more. Love, Light and Live” Karen Thomson, Life Coach “How to try to describe Gary’s body work? Perhaps the simplest thing to say is that I am usually quite eloquent and intellectual and good at wordy descriptions, but since the session I had earlier today I have been quite simply bouncing along in puppy dog lightness. Come on, throw the ball already and I’ll get it for u – over and over. Gary combines the work of his quite magical massage hands within a velvety fabric of playful jesteresque poetry, which is simultaneously silly and deep. The receiver is bombarded with affirmations of empowerment and release until they and Gary breakthrough to the joys and sadnesses we lose sight of all too often. I am often resistant to the language of affirmations and harbour a prejudice towards Americans and those who shine such strong filtered light into a group. I have often thought this behaviour was me being discerning towards what I perceive as arrogance or superficiality. But today, as I giggled and shed a tear or two on the massage table and then stood up to find my body feeling better and looser, more open and movable, I knew that I had been shifted inside and out. Thanks Gary”
James Adler, Artistic director, Eagle’s Nest Theatre

PS: “I’d just like to let you know as a follow up that your session was the one of the inspirations for yesterday’s performance of Medea. Medea requires of me that I go to place of grief deeper than I have ever imagined possible. I feel that my time as a tragic actor draws to a close as I wish to release myself from the bond I have had with grief. But yesterday I was able to dig deep and be present with the pain and destruction of Jason once more. I did it for me and to be present for my cast but I did it with the knowledge that lightness and release ride on my back with boundless wings of peace that keep me on track. I always know I’m growing like right now when I can feel rhymes flowing from my inner deeper knowing – taking me from grumpy and bumpy to ready to get up and over the lumpy humpy.”

“Even though I have had (and enjoyed) many, many different and powerful bodywork sessions since we worked together in San Diego in the early 80’s, including a full 10 session series of Rolfing therapy and many Heller experiences, you are in a class by yourself, my friend. The energy releases I experienced under your gifted hands were, to say the least, unbelievably ‘other-worldly.’ Simply amazing!!”
Sam Kephart, President & CEO Virtual Acumen Corporation, Marketing Strategy and Media Production

“I wept tonight on the massage table. I freed my trapped sadness & pain, I released it into the arms of Dr Gary, 65 year old therapist [at the time she wrote this] who created the Wohlman technique. I allowed myself to be vulnerable in his capable 45 years of therapy experience hands. He stretched & massaged the fibres of my muscles where I retain my deepest emotions & limitations. Freeing them with his touch, affirmations & rhymes. His tenderness & care allowed me to open up & create space in between my bones, releasing all my stuck attitudes, poses & beliefs. His years of experience, coupled with his intuitive nature allowed me to reveal my struggles, pain & trapped inner child. The space that he held invited & allowed me to be my authentic self so that I could fully surrender to his therapy offering – raw, real & exposed. Leaving me feeling:
Open – Expanded – Weightless – Empowered gladiator – Child soldier of the sun – Free – Open heart – Expansion – Freedom – Flexibility – Proud – Tall – Regal – Elegant”
Rosie Henshaw, performer

Thanks a million, Gary, for sharing your unique awesomeness with the world. Such a pleasure to endorse you: “Last week I had a session with Dr Gary. Gary’s eclectic tool kit includes both presentation coaching and bodywork, among his many gifts. In my session we identified where I’ve been holding back in my self-expression, in a number of different ways, and the ‘Too hard basket’ in which so many of my dreams have been thrown. I ended up dialoguing with the basket – big, imposing, bottomless thing it was too – and also with the dragon who guarded it. I was able to not just acknowledge where fear has been holding me back, but to embrace the perceived adversaries as allies. The dialoguing process was anchored and integrated awesomely by Gary’s profound bodywork session that followed it. To let you know, I believe in not just owning our awesome on a conceptual level, yet also bringing it into full reality through feeling and embodying it. The bodywork session saw to that. Happy to report, both basket and dragon have since joined. Your work is such a gift. Highly recommend Gary’s work, folks.”
Jules Sutherland, actor, professional presenter and workshop leader

“Hi Dr Gary, All I can say is WOW, I’m so very grateful! After our session yesterday, a potential client (who I’d never spoken to before) sms’d me saying ‘Help Call ASAP I have a tender.’ In just 4 hours, this prospect turned into a client and paid in full for my services. Yipeeeeee :-)”
Chris Dennis, Managing director of Win Win Tendering

“Gary used massage, stretching, bells, affirmations, rhymes, nonsense, laughter, animal cries, repetition – and especially opening up my shoulders and chest to receive more, and to being more grounded and open in all aspects of my body/being: mind, voice, heart, gut and grounding. We covered a huge amount of ground – getting rid of old scripts, passing through old behaviours, reinforcing my worth… Immediate change in behaviour: Left feeling very energised and confident. In my lunch meeting just after the session, my client – who I haven’t seen for many years – agreed to a $20,000 contract with me. Summing up, my body’s a lot more free. And ready to dance again! Feeling highly energised and acting in a way I have not for many months! I even made several other calls I have been putting off.”
Neville Christie, Executive Business Coach

“A note of gratitude for your audio recording “Enhancing your Partnership with Yourself”. It’s working…thank you for your teachings, Dr Gary. I am so grateful for the shift and transformation of energy I am receiving. I believe it is the matching of words with movement – that then inspires positive action in me. When I unleashed my voice while listening to your audio, I could feel how it was working magic. The rest of my day shifted. I was motivated to put myself out there in new ways. Reached out to some people and had great, immediate response. Felt so much love for Life and the people in my life. I also felt at peace and loving and compassionate to myself. The magic and alchemy of communication and movement is what your teaching gives me. It transformed negative, stuck energy and released into this amazing feeling of LOVE and OPTIMISM! I am a natural communicator and I realised – on a whole new level, beyond intellectual – how important that is to my mental, physical, spiritual life too. I can heal myself and others with my voice.So thank you with all my heart!”
Heather – Speaker, Coach, Presenter & Trainer

“Gary Wohlman is definitely bringing through powerful healing energy on a cellular level that brought significant shifts in me which I reap daily. Blessings to cross paths with this beautiful man who is truly assisting people to step into their truest soul purposes. Deep gratitude.”
Angela Joy Russo, psychologist

“Gary’s blend of poetry, massage, and body work was a unique healing
experience for me. It has been deeply transformative for me, releasing suppressed grief that has allowed space for my creativity to flourish. Two years ago Gary undid the cork of the bottle and I have not looked back. The artistic self that I had tried to access unsuccessfully for three decades found expression at last. Gary set me on the road and since then my art has continued to grow from strength to strength. My gratitude for this gift is boundless.”
Jane, Melbourne

“I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Dr Gary on a regular basis every month for the last 10 years. We’ve spoken at length about different aspects of life, personal development and communication. He’s introduced me for the first time to the field of holistic therapy and a wholistic, healthy way of life. Since then, I’ve turned my personal, social, and business life completely around. Through my association with Dr Gary, I’m a better communicator;
I’m happy within my body, mind and life; I make better choices and decisions, and generate healthy relationships wherever I go. Because of this, I’ve become a better person. I am eternally grateful.”
James Groves, owner of Rent A Bomb car rentals Australia.

“I’ve been going to Gary Wohlman over the last 15 years as a necessary part of maintaining balance in my busy and challenging life. After a session with Gary the physical stress has been cleared from my body, and I am always moved on a spiritual level as well. He is a scholar in so many philosophies, and I always come away with new ideas for living. I also believe that his affirmations have had a large effect on me, and that many positive changes have come from the way they are incorporated into my mind and body during a session! Gary’s humour and compassion have had a big effect on how my life has been conducted.
Laura Waters, Princess Pictures TV & film Producer, Angry Boys, Summer Heights High

“In my first couple of sessions, I’ve shifted a deep pattern that has been holding me back my whole life. To have such fun and to shift such debilitating patterns is almost unbelievable – you’ve got to experience this unique method yourself!”
Elizabeth Stephens, Editor, Living NOW

“Over the last 10 years I’ve had many different types of bodywork done, but Gary’s work is simply the best I have experienced. His unique style makes me laugh, and I experienced for the first time that release and having bodywork done that can be such fun. It’s not clinical, it’s frisky and powerful and I just love it!”
Petra Schelberg, bodyworker

“This is a true master in the craft of bodywork. His sessions are truly creative and transformational experiences. When you have the opportunity, I recommend you book in for a bodywork session to get a taste of his amazing work”
Michael Stone, Director, Holistic Services Group

“What a wizard you are!! I feel about 5 cm taller, and can move my left shoulder and arm much more freely – and that’s just after one session. Also, I feel my chest is much freer and breathing is so much easier. I couldn’t wipe that smile off my face (and in my heart) all day…Whatever you do – it works!
Beatrice, dance therapist and executive movement coach

“Wow Dr! What a surprise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the tears in my eyes You heal me feel me teach me and see me Share the tools and the rules to continue to free me.

And the best bit of this laughing fit
Is what I already know
From the inside glow.

You are so right every night
When you said it’s an inside job

You share cause you care
And don’t act like a snob

My job here
And love without fear
Is to mimic my host with the most
As a compliment

It is without doubt
That no meat dish or trout
Would give me the much needed nutrient

Your gifts are a plenty
And sent universally

For me and other open disciples
It warms me to say
Through verse and through play
You remind me of Archangel Michael

Much love”
Simeon, seminar leader, presenter, evocateur

“Dear Gary, I am so grateful that we have connected. It was perfect timing for me. Your work has released so much for me that I have been holding on to for a very long time. I so love reading your book, “Get up, stand up for your life”. It’s now what I read before going to sleep as it helps to keep alive your work. It takes me through some of your processes that I take to sleep with me that has me waking alive & alert”.
Lucia Cardamone, Sales Director Nutrimetics

“Your magic hands and words certainly did some good on my body and spirit. To summarise: chest opening was just phenomenal, and now after a week I’m still much better than before the session, that’s for sure. Chest opening had a direct correlation to being more open to people and having more fun enjoying interactions with people.
Bottom line is a very positive change that I much appreciate.
…and want more of…”
Klaus Ludwig, Sydney

“I want to let you know of some of the positive experiences I have had since our session. It has been a really good experience for me. So many little epiphanies have happened since then… I have been feeling more comfortable in my skin, and feel that the positive changes I am making in my life mean I am on ‘the right path.’ I notice I feel much more comfortable in ‘doing my own thing’ and that I am listening to my intuition and following it more than ever. I notice I am also less afraid of what others think, and I feel I am getting closer to my ‘authentic self.’ I feel much more confident in being my true self, asserting myself (kindly and firmly of course!) and feel very at peace with all things, whether simple or complex and difficult. I am so grateful that I can clearly see where I have been true to myself, where I haven’t been true to myself, and how I can change it.”
Alice, health professional

“Gary Wohlman has helped me through a few difficult times in my Life with deep compassion and powerful body-mind techniques which rendered lasting results. Amazing healer”
Teresa Ann Foxworthy, performance artist, relationship expert /coach

“Thank you for your wonderful body work and session. I certainly felt a shifting taking place and overall a sense of feeling freer and lighter. In the evening I was conversing and communicating with much more ease and flow, and I look forward to allowing more of this in my life. I loved your use of word and poetry and it has inspired me to get more into my poetry so I have been refining some of my older pieces of poetry today and feel pleased with them. I look forward to bringing that alive more and finding my voice more and speaking more my truth more often. The session with you has inspired me to expand more into a more fuller sense of who of I am and I look forward to being more lighter day by day.”
Ariana, therapist

“A lot has happened emotionally since having my session with you:
The biggest shift is that I am off the pain meds – Woohooooooooooo!!! I have more mobility with my arm and previously-frozen shoulder. I can now touch my hands behind my back and even lay my left arm by my side.”
Cori, Melbourne

“As for feedback from our last session…wow…big shifts…almost too much to express. A lot of letting go. It was like a spell was cast upon me and it trickled it’s way through me, clearing away any blockages. Particularly in my thighs and knees, where there is a lot of stored pain, shame, anger and guilt. I now experience a calm space from any past pain or negativity that arises from which I gain clarity on the situation. No more wallowing – if I get caught up in it, I can get back out quickly. I feel like a child taking her first steps into this wild and unfamiliar world. Frightened and exhilarated, awkward and clumsy, making a mess along the way, yet learning from every step.”
Michelle from Melbourne

“This phenomenal treatment has helped me unblock a ton of blockages and left me feeling empowered to continue giving ~ but on my terms.”
Ashley, Beauty Therapist, Melbourne

“I suddenly feel empowered! ~ I feel powerful being on my own — not so afraid. I feel stronger in the depths of my being. Thank you:)”
Blazenka, Melbourne

“I loved our session, I am communicating so much with love and honesty.
You are divine.”
Marnie McNeill, deceased

“Thank you Gary. for the most TransFORMative, CREATive, INnovative,
and FUN session today… ‘I BOW to my WOW!’ I AM still buzzzzzing with deLIGHT…and swinging to the flow of new heights… Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Dancing with you ..BEe :)”

“Deepest gratitude to you for the time, energy and love you shared with me yesterday. I feel lighter, yet more grounded, certain, yet more silly, relaxed yet more alert. Once again, thank you for the experience ~ it was wonderful.”
Jane Cann, Professional Success Coach

“I have noticed some extraordinary changes since I saw you ~ less pain in my left shoulder; a greater feeling of presence and calm; forgiveness and less attachment to the story around my ex – which I have wanted to clear for so long. I have greater compassion, clarity and less guilt around what happened in my past.”
Katie, publicist

“Just wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ for the last session. I walked in like Attila the Hun and floated out like a Fairy Princess”
Helena – health practitioner

“I can cover so much more ground working with Dr Gary than with any
other individual therapist. From the rejuvenating and energising physical shifting to much deeper levels of internal work, Dr Gary has the care, experience and intuitive ability to go with me as deep as I dare to go. Dr Gary is my personal care, one stop shop!”
Glenn Scott, Owner and Managing Director of Wick Recording Studios

“Thank you, Gary. I feel fantastic! A new woman! A lot happier, softer. Had some pain around my womb/ovaries last night and this morning ~ as stuff cleared away, blockages unblocked. Got up this morning with my partner and watched the eclipse – beautiful!”
Sarah, fellow 5 Rhythms movement meditation dancer, Melbourne

“I would like to recommend Dr Gary for so many reasons. I am sure most/all of us wish we could achieve and benefit much more from our everyday, personal and business lives, but have little but constant self talk holding us back. Nagging little voices telling us why not, instead of how too! Gary will help to recognise, acknowledge and farewell these limiting beliefs. With my own new beliefs and his help through training and tools, I have been able to make fast and great progress in all areas of my life. I would encourage anyone prepared to embrace change and growth to work with Gary ASAP”.
Robyn, Melbourne

“Hi Gary, You asked me what shifts, breakthroughs and progress I’ve
experienced through working with you: The most surprising thing for me has been my inability to hunch my shoulders. I have developed a predilection for sitting straight, shoulders back. I find my neck elongated upward as I walk the streets. I’ve been listening to the spiel you gave me most mornings, and think the stretching and breathing has been exceptional. I also found a new level of confidence or relaxation in a couple of public performances I had to give last week. I organised a symposium over two days — it was a great success! I have often felt quite tight when I have to speak publicly, so my projection has usually not been as warm as it could be. Interesting, I didn’t feel my ‘normal’ restraint. So there you go… Will look forward to seeing you next week.”
Lucy, senior academic in Sydney

“Just letting you know I feel absolutely fabulous, the energy I have is unbelievable. Thank you so much. I knew I loved my husband and children before, but my feelings towards them has totally changed. I’m feeling more love and feel like kissing them all the time. I do not feel any tension in my body at all and feel totally relaxed. Thank you again”
Bettina Arruzzolo, hairstylist

“…I feel a big shift in my balance, no longer teetering but, as you said, centered in my hips. Much more grounded…wow…how novel! I feel an openness across my chest/shoulders and feel they aren’t hunched forward. When I read your affirmations, it brought it all back so they are going on my fridge for daily practice thank you.”

“I am very happy with the results from these treatments. I am boldly asserting myself in my own life. Somehow, you have opened my eyes and I can see my own moral truth. Suddenly my head is listening to my heart, and they agree they cannot move on unless both are in concord. I cannot tolerate bullshit because it is convenient anymore. Some of my life, personal and professional, is built on bad foundations. As painful an upheaval as it will prove to be, it has to be done. You, my good man, with your lovely treatment, have given me this knowledge and the power and determination to see it thru. Excellent! …the treatment is humourous therapeutic and really quite delightful the pain (and there is a little bit of pain) is a good pain it is necessary like extracting out a bad tooth or something but something dr gary pulls off is quite unexplainable to me
it is working so well for me in fact that i do not want to understand it i just want dr gary to do his thing and stand back and marvel at the results something in what he does improves you hes like 5 years of yoga in one session its true he knows what hes doing he certainly knows how to sort out a performer he got me into shape on all levels i bet he can improve anybodys performance at whatever it is they want onstage or in the boardroom dr gary i reckon will have them more like they want to be but didn’t know how to do it themselves a bona fide real deal healer…in spades!”
Steve Kilbey — Singer, Songwriter & Bass Guitarist for “The Church,” Australian Hall of Fame band ~ also inducted personally into Songwriting Hall of Fame

“On a lighter note, I managed to get dad to have a coffee with me today after I saw you. Since breaking away from mum, I haven’t been able to see much of my dad as he says ‘they come as a package.’ This is a huge breakthrough as no one can have a relationship with anyone mum is close to unless it involves her! I loved our short but quality time together as I got to tell him how much I love him as I have never been able to do.”
Janice, professional pet carer from Sydney

“Your work is fascinating and most powerful …So, to share with you while the iron is hot so to speak, I was certainly conscious during the session of my resistance of letting go of past ways of being – my protection. I felt it starting to work towards the end as you did too. In the past I would have shut myself down to you but I remained open which was in itself liberating…”

“Just wanted to let you know how wonderful I feel after your treatment, I feel so fantastic I just can’t describe it! A feeling of complete relaxation, one of the best feelings I have ever experienced, thank you very much! I feel so relaxed, I am talking much more than I have in years. I would like my family and friends to experience how fantastic your treatment is, depending on how booked you will be. Thank you so very very much!”
Jeanette from Adelaide

“I love how you meld the different bodies together in your treatment. My physio only treats the symptoms of the physical body and may release the tension for a while but the root cause is never addressed (although she does allude to it), same with a conventional’ doctor or psychologist in treating the mental body. They are isolated into categories but they are all part of the
whole so cant really be de-lineated. You have managed to take what you have learned about our different bodies and create a way of healing that gets to the cause of our stagnation, lifting the cloak of humanity and releasing the light of knowledge, awareness and love into our being.”

“Thank-you for your unique way of healing the body~mind thru touch and craftfully-designed rhymes and affirmations. When you work with me, I feel you are speaking right to the body, and the body hears you. Amazing healing work you do, as I’ve experienced so many excellent therapies over many years, yours is profound!”
James Buhuth, yoga instructor and movement specialist

“Gary was able to quickly and clearly pin point some of the key issues I have been working on ~ and in just one session cleared some entrenched blocks, limitations and beliefs. Wow! Now I have such a great sense of freedom and possibilities opening up for me.”
Ginette, Melbourne, Australia

“I have been seeing Dr Gary now for about 18 months, to help me get
through a very difficult period in my life surrounding the death of my husband. I have done a lot of personal development work and also alternative healing work in the past with various different organizations. I have found that the work completed by Dr Gary is just incredible, the results of each session are felt immediately with him and they are life changing. I would recommend him to anyone that is ready to change something in their life and is prepared to trust in the process. I know for a fact I would not be where I am today without the help of Dr Gary.”
Rebekah Lewis CEO/Director, Sandler Training, Australia

“In the short time that I have known you, you’ve changed my life! After even my very first session with you, and through practicing your simple breath visualisation where I picture waters falling on the exhales and sunrise lifting on the inhales, the asthmatic condition I’ve been plagued for years has just disappeared! I feel totally transformed, as I’m now able to take charge of my breath, my emotions and my life. I’ve been able to let go of a relationship I’ve been holding onto that wasn’t working, and without even realising I was ready for a new one, just met someone new who is truly an angel. How can I thank you enough?”
Warren Jack, owner of Superprint, Australia

“I need my mind and my soul to be massaged, not just my body — you keep me sane!”
Justyna Piechutowska, actress and singer

“Just wanted to let you know that after you treated Mum, her vision improved immensely, so much that she didn’t have to use her pinhole glasses anymore. She’s turning 70 in a month.”
Barbara Breede, Naturapath

“After meeting you as the featured presenter for the monthly meeting of the International Coaching Federation, I found your very first session with me integrating your transformational body therapy and presentation coaching extremely effective and life-changing. I released old stuff and patterns I’ve been holding on to for ages, and ever since my energy is more euphoric ~ I’m even finding myself more outspoken in meetings”
Jane, coach from Sydney

“After a series of your treatments I am happy to report that 20 years of trauma and pain have been released from my battered body. I have increased flexibility in my neck, allowing me to drive a car with more safety. I never take pain killers, the migraines have ceased, and the agonising pain in my thoracic spine is only a memory.”
Amy Boleszny, Sea Eagle Publications

“Right after my first 2 sessions with you, I no longer had bleeding gums, and the unexplainable pains in my legs of which I’d consulted numerous specialists about for 3 years – they just disappeared! My swimmer’s ear condition also completely vanished, and associated tinnitus (ringing in the ears) has now been replaced with a pleasant silence. My exzema and dermatitis, which used to be severely inflamed and itchy, are now under control. My right ankle, which used to feel sprained all the time, now feels fluid and flexible. And my lower back pain has also subsided considerably. The spasmodic pains in my hands are also no longer there. What’s more, the grief I’ve been holding onto for 7 years since my daughter suicided is no
longer overwhelming, and is now more manageable. Summing up, having a series of sessions with you continues to be an ongoing positive experience ~ I’m rediscovering health in my body, and reclaiming my life.”
Angelique Zame, e-Sales

“Thank you for assisting me in shifting my focus from a head-oriented, textbook approach in presenting to a more heartfelt and connected approach. When I speak and present to groups, I now feel more able to share from a place of passion and presence ~ thanks for helping me to bring my message alive!”
Kimberly Roberts, yoga instructor & workshop facilitator

“Through all the laughter and freedom I’ve enjoyed in my sessions with you, I’ve come to trust letting my clients see me as I truly am, rather than the persona of a professional, qualified to help ~ Through our work together, I’ve found a way to be both professional and relaxed at the same time”
Lee Dittmer, owner WHOfinance

“I’ve been having much clearer communication since our sessions. I’ve had the guts to say things I would have normally held back on. Very juicy and lovely. Thank you.” “You have definitely made a huge difference in my life and I thank you for that.”
Rach Fischer, saleswoman

“I felt my body in a new way, like I’ve never felt before. I felt I could really trust you, and this allowed me to let go and open up in ways I’ve never known…” “As soon as I got out of my car after seeing you for the first time, a girl asked where I had been and then asked me for your card. Other noticeable shifts are: An increased confidence and joy, along with feeling more solid on the ground. I made a sale for $800. I had a great interview at an investment company where I’d love the opportunity to work. And someone is organising a date for me!”
Kath, investment specialist from Sydney

“I have more movement in my neck than I’ve felt in 30 years! I’m standing more erect, and feel much more grounded and comfortable in my body.” ~ Geoff Beavis, sales trainer and past champion athlete, recovering from near-fatal hit by a car and numerous injuries over 30 yrs”

“I’ve definitely been feeling the positive benefit of my session with you the other day, a sense of myself physically in the world that is more aligned with the depth of inner work I’ve done and the essence of who I am. Thank you.”

“Your affirmations make sense to me both on a conscious level and I can feel a difference on the unconscious level. Thank you for your valuable input into my life.”

“Since starting to work with you 6 months ago, I haven’t since had the need to see the osteopath I was previously working with.”

“You’ll never guess what happened after my last session with you… I got an email about a job interview for Berlin, exactly 30 minutes after our session ended. The opportunity still hangs in the balance. I’m waiting to see if I get a second interview, but nevertheless it seems strange. I also met a man the day you worked on me who has become very special in my life, and now…a job possibility, just a glimmer, in his home town… Weird, hey? Let me know when you are back in my home town so I can see you again.”

“Since my first session with you, the recurring pain I’ve had for years in my body has gone, and my desire to smoke cigarettes (I’ve been smoking over 20 a day) has just disappeared!”

“My digestion was funky for ages before working with you. After just one session, my digestion improved. I felt hungry in a way I haven’t felt for years. Weeks and even months later, my digestion and hunger continue to be improved.”

“My breathing has not been so open in years, and continues to remain so weeks after our session.”

“I’m standing tall for the first time in years, rather than feeling I have to bend and hunch down from my true stature to meet people on their own level.”

“And my shoulders, they felt so different after our session. I don’t recognise them; I feel as though I’ve dropped a great weight.”

“The work you have done on stretching my ‘collarbone’ region and chest muscles has enabled me to take deep breaths for the first time in more than 40 years.”

“My workout trainer was blown away because I was capable of ‘pushing’ lots more weight, with more mastery. Also, I used your breath and affirmations in my yoga class last week…as they held posture. It focused them much more and brought new meaning and purpose to their practice.”

“Thanks for the release! My senses are charged, I’ve returned to myself-standing taller, centred. A woman with wings… I fly!”

“I was one of the zillion Ottawans you transformed in your visit here in Canada last week. And I want to let you know how it’s been since the ‘massage’ with you: I felt so amazing – so spacious, and positive. And my body had no aches and pains! Like none of the chronic low back pain or neck pain I used to carry around all the time, assuming it was old age.”

“Thank you so much for one of the most amazing spiritual experiences ever! I’ve had a lot of releasing since our session – I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and even visualised things a bit easier. What’s more, I feel more flexible than ever!!!!!!!”

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