ONLINE Services

Due to the Coronavirus global crisis that has dramatically impacted all of our lives, I’m now offering a wide variety of online services – on a sliding scale – to assist you in generating greater clarity, joyful energy and guidance – so you move forward in your life with renewed ease, grace and flow ~ trusting what you deeply know:

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THERAPY & COUNSELLING individual and group

With our familiar lives that we have known up to now shattered, we cannot continue to repeat patterns that no longer serve us in this new uncertain world we have suddenly entered. Through these online sessions, I will gently, sensitively and artfully guide you to the very source of where you feel stuck, holding on to past stories and limiting self-talk, so you swiftly let of playing it small and holding back your magic and magnificence.

Through our journeying together, you will be able to trust anew your gut feelings, primal instincts and deepest intuition. As you step up into a new narrative and ‘stand of command in your land’, you will make decisions and choices more easily that are in alignment with your core values, mission and true purpose – propelling you forward in your preferred life direction.

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PRESENTATION COACHING sessions and webinars

With our world having suddenly shifted from face-to-face physical contact to communicating through a camera online, your ability to speak from your heart and get your message across authentically with your BODY & VOICE are more important than ever.

In these individual and group sessions, I will work with you dynamically to:
1) Recognise and speak your truth
2) Enhance the engagement, impact and effectiveness of your live presentations
3) Assist you in bringing your voice and message out into the world as you’ve dreamed possible

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DANCING FREEDOM movement meditation classes

This creative outlet will also give you the chance to move your body and get much-needed exercise in the privacy of your own home, to come out of feeling isolated and alone, and to release the grief, fear, anger and rage ‘out of your cage’. This practice will enhance your ability to re-connect with your innate wisdom, primal instincts and deepen your authentic connection with yourself and others ~ awakening your creativity and full self-expression as you pioneer new pathways to navigate through this great unknown we have just entered.

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ASTROLOGY readings

In these tumultuous, uncertain times we have all been suddenly thrown into, uncertain of what lies ahead for any of us, these lucid astrology readings will assist you to move forward in your life with fresh clarity, focus and inspiration.

You’ll know when and how to take action with current crises and opportunities, make clearer decisions and gain wisdom around passing patterns that affect your daily behaviour – enhancing your ability to be successful, fulfilled and in alignment with your soul’s mission, passion and purpose.

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